4WD Tours Abercrombie River National Park


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Abercrombie River National Park and surrounding areas

This tour can be a great day tour for couples, families and those wanting a real 4x4 adventure. You’ll see beautiful creeks and streams, wonderful natural bush. Kangaroos and wallabies are common sightings and you’ll take home great photos and memories.

4WD Tours Abercrombie River National Park 4WD Tours Abercrombie River National Park 4WD Tours Abercrombie River National Park

Abercrombie River National Park and surrounding areas

Commencing at Bathurst, the tour meanders along the Beaconsfield Road from the historical village of O’Connell, passing through the village of Black Springs and onto the start of the Abercrombie River National Park via the Arkstone Road entrance.

Like the Kanangra-Boyd tour, the tracks are moderate in complexity offering some wonderfully secluded views and scenery throughout the day.

Lunch is prepared at either The Sink, or Silent Creek before wandering along the various trails learning about the flora and fauna that exists in the areas being visited. There are a number of alternative routes that can be enjoyed within the park before rejoining Abercrombie Road. The return home can be achieved in a number of ways but generally is via Oberon and Lowes Mount Road, Mutton Falls Road and O’Connell.

Pickup is generally 9.00am returning by 4pm

  • This is a day tour for up to 7 Guests.
  • Child seats are available.
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is provided.
  • It is advisable for Guests to bring a jacket, hat, any personal necessities and wear enclosed shoes.

What They Say

"Thanks for a great trip. I felt a million miles away. So relaxing."

Please note: At times certain tours may not be available due to weather conditions, permit availability or closures of the area due to natural occurrences such as flooding or fires. In this situation, an alternative tour can be arranged
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