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Sunny Corner and surrounding areas

This is a Detour where you say what you want and we can usually deliver. There is a diverse range of scenery and trails to explore. Whether you want a mild drive in the bush or climb a mountain you can barely walk up, we can make your day a very special occasion.

4WD tours Sunny Corner | Detour Adventures 4WD tours Sunny Corner | Detour Adventures 4WD tours Sunny Corner | Detour Adventures

Sunny Corner and surrounding areas

This tour has several great advantages.

  1. Guests will be off the main road within 15 minutes of the start of the tour.
  2. The tour can be tailored to the level of enthusiasm of the Guests; from a gentle drive in the bush, to more challenging terrain, including steeper sections of the Sunny Corner area.
  3. Depending on the needs of the Guests, lunch can be as simple as a BBQ or salad lunch on the side of a track or the tour can be directed to arrive at a nearby pub or cafe for a more formal lunch break.

Education is provided throughout the tour on the diverse range of flora and fauna found in the area, including the existence of the Bathurst Copper Butterfly, its unique habitat and the dangers to its existence.

Guests will learn about the pine logging operations in the area, the regeneration of forests and former mining activity in the area as well as discussion on the wide range of terrain found in the area.

This tour provides a great 4WD experience with an educational base close to Bathurst.

  • This is a day tour for up to 7 Guests.
  • Child seats are available.
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is provided.
  • It is advisable for Guests to bring a jacket, hat, any personal necessities and wear enclosed shoes.
  • Toilet facilities are not always available and Guests should be comfortable with a toilet stop in the bush.

What They Say

"Thanks for a great tour. It was the best day ever. Relaxing and informative. You’ve certainly done research and know the area well. The vehicle was roomy and comfortable. I’ll be suggesting Detour Adventures to friends. Thanks again."

Please note: At times certain tours may not be available due to weather conditions, permit availability or closures of the area due to natural occurrences such as flooding or fires. In this situation, an alternative tour can be arranged
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